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Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ -- the perfect antidote to feeling isolated and disempowered. 

- Mike Browning

Binge watching all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time…

- Matt Kessler

I binged watched Downtown Abbey and became (more) obsessed with my cat.

- Kevin Milton

I subscribed to Acorn TV and Britbox for this Anglophile to watch loads of brilliant shows from the UK and Australia.

- Colleen Abel

Binge watching the Harry Potter movies and when the kids are sleeping, New Girl and the IT Crowd.

- Daren Werner

Watching Dodger baseball- with a World Series Championship cherry on top!!!

- Cara Bovitz

I watched the Lakers and Dodgers win championships. Also binged What We Do in the Shadows and Schitt's Creek.

- Lee Friedenthal

I have been watching a lot of Alone (survival show) and Alaska the Last Frontier.

- Katherine Kykta

CorePower Yoga On Demand

- Jenny Bremer

Keeping busy with beginner tennis lessons

- Katherine Kykta

Hiking (“boonie stomping”), snorkeling, and diving, rinse and repeat.  When the island completely shut down a few months back, this was pretty the only thing we could do, and even now that things are more opened up, I think I’ve been out in the jungle and/or in the water pretty much every weekend.

- Marissa Brown


Long walks... I think I took the simple act of walking around aimlessly for granted before COVID, but being cooped up in an apartment for 90% of each week has definitely made me realize how special it is to me. During the beginning of COVID it was really my only outlet to see another person’s face besides my own (even if it’s just the fleeting moment of passing someone on the street while both wearing masks), and now it’s turned into a really great way for me to explore the city I love and have new experiences. I’ve made it a point to go for a walk and explore a new street or part of the city every day after work, and I definitely think it’s something I’ll continue doing regardless of the impact COVID has. 

- Ethan Linder


I've been remodeling my Kitchen, floors, family room, and two bathrooms. If this doesn’t get over quick, I’m going to need to buy another fixer upper. Clearing the mind through motorcycle rides.

- Steve Swanson

I find it fascinating to watch people solve a Rubik’s Cube. So I finally got one, but I’m still trying to figure it out (without YouTube tutorials).

- Daniel Meister

We've been having virtual game nights with Jackbox games or Codenames online.

- Colleen Abel

I've been getting pretty crafty/creative - puzzling, doing paint by diamond kits, and starting painting my keyboard.

- Kim Gomez

Mostly running around with the kids - squirt gun wars, chasing bubbles, playing baseball and lightsaber battles. 

- Daren Werner

I've been taking Zoom drum lessons and having socially distanced family meet-ups in Central Park 

- Greg Bovitz

2020 has been the year of jigsaw puzzles for me!!  We’ve done 1000-3000 piece puzzles every week… and have lately been challenging ourselves by having a friend supply us with an ‘unknown’ puzzle (pieces in a Ziploc bag), and we assemble it not knowing what the picture will be!  It has certainly made things more interesting (and challenging!). lol

- Debbie Kreger

 I read read read, and started a queer book club. I also poured myself into work and my manuscript.

- Kevin Milton

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